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Philippe Camoin

Masters Cardmakers in Marseilles since Nicolas Conver (1760)

Philippe Camoin, last Marseilles Cardmaker, heir to the line of Conver-Camoin Cardmakers going back to 1760, is the international reference on the Tarot de Marseille.

The course of Philippe Camoin is between esotericism, occultism, mathematics, medicine and technology, but it is with the Tarot de Marseille that it devoted his life. Since its youth, he studies Spirituality and the Esotericism as well as the Western and Eastern religions.

After an unforgettable spiritual experiment at the 23 years age, it withdraws world and is dedicated to vast and intense research on the secrets of the Tarot and its origin. To Recover and rebuild the lost symbolism of the Tarot took many years. This research gave rise to its Tarot de Marseille published in 1997, a work that it realized jointly with the scenario writer, poet and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Philippe Camoin integrates in an extraordinary way his spiritual knowledge in the universe of the Tarot de Marseille. During its long investigation, he discovered the key of a hidden language of the Tarot. He reveals a system of unknown codes, a multidimensional complex structure connecting all the Arcana between them and from where spouts out a mysterious esoteric Teaching. This language decoded secret generates a new vision of the Tarot, a teaching voted by plebiscite by its thousands of students of the whole world.

Currently, Philippe Camoin combines teaching and writing, continuing his research on the old tarots and having like hobby the data-processing programming and the foreign languages.